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TALKING BRAINS ( the perhaps first-ever exhibition of language as a natural object, is currently on display at La Ciutat de les Ciències i les Arts, in Valencia. The exhibition was created, conceptualised, and curated by members of our Lab, in collaboration with other companies, such as, and it is now owned by Obra Social La Caixa. After several hundreds of thousands of visitors passed through it in Barcelona, Talking Brains is hosted now in one of the most visited Spanish science museums, as a first step in a foreseeable Spanish and world-wide itinerary over the next few years. We hope it continues inspiring visitors to contemplate our brain as the uniquely linguistic organ in nature and incited reflections on what language is – including how it may create our thoughts and how it marks the path of decline when normal thought is lost or does not develop. We are particularly grateful for the parents that helped us with materials from their children during language acquisition or without language.

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