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Clara Soberats: Equipo

Clara Soberats

Ph.D. candidate researcher

Born in Mallorca, I graduated in Spanish Language and Literature at the University of Balearic Islands. I specialised in linguistics, and started to become interested in cognitive approaches to language. I subsequently started master studies in Human Cognition and Evolution at the same university, with a focus on Neuroscience. This allowed me to join The Complexity Research and Experimental Linguistics Lab (LICLE after the original name in Catalan), within which I completed my master thesis on a case study concerned with the linguistic and behavioural phenotype of an uncommon genetic syndrome, 3p26, that had never been described in the literature from a cognitive-linguistic perspective. I moved to Barcelona in 2018 to start my PhD about semantic processing in Williams syndrome at Pompeu Fabra University under the supervision of Professor Wolfram Hinzen and Ruth de Diego Balaguer.

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